New Year’s Resolutions You Can Do for Your Home in 2021


2021 has finally arrived and it’s brimming with endless possibilities. It’s also that time when we make our New Year resolutions. Indeed, there’s always something about having 12 brand-new months that motivates people to improve their lives or careers in some way.

However, have you thought about what goals you should set for your home? It can use some improving, too, right? That’s because home renovations can improve your quality of life and help increase your property’s value, making it easier to sell further down the line should you choose to do so. That said, here are five home-related new year’s resolutions you might want to consider making this 2021:

Look into Environmentally-Friendly Upgrades

Green is in—and it’s about time your home caught up, don’t you think? Making your home more energy-efficient doesn’t just help you save significantly on utilities. In fact, investing in such features can make living in it more comfortable for you and your family while also being better for the environment. Since your home will use up fewer fossil fuels to warm or cool itself, it ultimately minimises your carbon footprint and helps reduce emissions. Updating to these more modern systems also means less maintenance on your part.

Many potential buyers also want to reap these benefits. Hence, if you ever want to sell your house in the future, it has a better chance of standing out if it comes with energy-efficient features. You may want to look into energy-efficient windows and insulation products in particular, as these offer the biggest savings. What’s more, the Australian government offers discounts, incentives, and special offers to eligible households, which can help you with the cost of purchasing these products.

Remodel the Kitchen

The kitchen is usually considered to be the heart of the home. Most households spend a lot of time in it, making it a room worthy of investing in. Whether you opt for a full remodel or simply make a few changes here and there, you can expect your efforts to pay off. This applies whether you’re remodelling it for your family’s comfort or to make it more attractive to home buyers in the future.

Simply replacing the cabinet doors can give a kitchen an instant facelift. So does a nice coat of paint in a modern colour. If you have the budget for a larger undertaking, you can replace old appliances with Energy Star-rated models or have the tiling or backsplash changed.

Enhance the Exteriors

When’s the last time you took a good look at your home from the outside? A lot of homeowners tend to overlook their houses’ exteriors, but it’s an area worth focusing on if you want to increase its curb appeal. You’d be surprised at what a difference painting the walls, fixing damaged siding, or clearing out the driveway can make.

Another excellent venture worth considering is improving the landscaping. Adding some new trees or shrubbery doesn’t just enhance the appearance of your home, but it also provides shade and shelter for birds and other animals.

Give the Interiors a Fresh Coat of Paint

A lot of people tend to stick with interiors they’ve stopped loving years ago because they think that remodelling the space would be too costly. However, there’s a cheap and easy way to refresh any space: paint!

Overall, paint and painting materials don’t cost very much and you can easily make a weekend project out of doing up a room. You don’t need any special classes on how to do it, either—just learn the basics by watching a YouTube video and you’re off to the races! Done well, a fresh coat can update the vibe and make your interiors look like new.

If you are still bored with the look of your interiors after a coat of paint? You can try swapping the furniture in it for other pieces you already have. Alternatively, you could give new life to a room by using it for a different purpose than originally intended. For instance, you could convert an old bedroom into a library. It doesn’t cost a thing but it can make you feel like you’re living in a brand-new house. Or perhaps if you are selling your house, changing a storage room or office into an extra bedroom can allow you to optimise the number of bedrooms when you promote your property.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

People who love to host parties and entertain in their homes can never have enough living space. If you are one such person, you can have even more people over by adding some outdoor features. Like landscaping, it can also increase the appeal of your home’s exteriors. Adding something like a deck is easy if you have the skills for it, and you can save up to half the cost by doing so instead of hiring a contractor.

There are many home improvement projects out there that you can embark on this 2021. Many of them don’t cost as much as you might think, either. If you choose where to invest your time and money wisely, the payoff can be significant. These are just some helpful tips, but there are sure to be many others that you can come up as well!

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